iphone 6 repair

Fix My iPhone 6

iPhone 6 repair

Our Promise

When you do business with Calgary iPhone Repair  you can expect:

  •  I am  available to answer all of your questions.
  • A fast, friendly and professional service.
  •  Prompt communication during the repair process if necessary
  • 30 day warranty on all repairs.
  •  The use of quality, grade A parts from trusted suppliers on all repairs. *.
  •  To receive service from a legitimate business.
  •  We accept all major credit cards and cash.
  • We supply you with email receipts for your records, tax purposes and company reimbursement.

Most repairs can be completed within 30 minutes when you have an appointment.

* Please note: only Apple can obtain and use Apple Certified parts. We use parts from only a few trusted U.S. distributors that are excellent quality. They are classified as grade A or better cell phone parts. These parts are manufactured by the same factories that manufacture parts for Apple but are not certified by Apple. Please remember that no independent repair shops can obtain Apple Certified parts and that the term, “Genuine Parts,” does not have anything to do with Apple Certified parts. If you have concerns or questions please contact me before your repair.


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